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The city of Fort Lupton, Colorado is a friendly, inviting small town in Weld County – the kind of town most folks would LOVE to call home. But let’s face it…it’s small. So small that we don’t need use turn signals when we drive – everyone knows where everyone else is headed!Fort Lupton Garage Doors

…so small that we had to annex some unincorporated areas just to cook a foot-long hot dog.

…so small that the cop has to make his own donuts.

…so small that the local bus only made one stop.

…so small that the local Chamber Of Commerce is in in the next town over.

…so small that even if you don’t blink, you miss it.

…so small that the medical clinic was called “Joe’s Hospital And Grill.”

…so small that the Post Office used to be inside the UPS truck.

…so small that the population stayed the same because if a girl got pregnant a guy left town!

…so small that Fort Lupton Garage Doors can get to your house within an hour of your phone call, and fix your garage door on the spot.

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